4th Duck race Merano

3rd of april 2021

On April 3rd, the second rubber duck race will take place in Merano. Last year almost 22.000 € of donations were collected. The main proceeds of the 4th Merano rubber duck race will go to an association that helps families and seniors in need.
There are two rubber duck races taking place on the river Passer between the Post bridge and the Theatre bridge: the first is a sponsored rubber duck race, where we will participate with two beautifully decorated ducks, and then there is a lucky rubber duck race, open to the public, were you are more than welcome to participate with a small contribution.

Always bear in mind – it’s for a good cause!

The program: On Saturday 3rd of April first the sponsored rubber duck race takes place at 11:00 o’clock, followed by the lucky rubber duck race. At 1 pm the event is completed with the award ceremony for both races.